amsterdam city breaks

Amazing Amsterdam City Breaks

Amsterdam City Breaks City Breaks

Make your life more colourful at the Netherlands capital with Amsterdam City Breaks. Carrying forward the heritage of the 17th century, the city has narrow houses with gabled facades. Besides, the large network of canal system offers wonderful times of boating as well as the best eating out experiences at the waterfronts. Similarly, the flat landscape of the metropolis allows for excellent opportunities for biking. Moreover, the youth love to explore the wonderful cafe culture with hot sips and delicious tastes. And there is eclectic architecture to captivate every eye on a short break. There are museums like Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum which display the wonderful forms of modern art by the greats. Above all, nature lovers can find the beautiful vistas of tulip fields. Finally, the party lovers can get binge in the bars and dance the weekend nights away.

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam 

The Dutch capital is a hotspot year-round destination. But, try to visit during the spring or autumn before the Christmas Markets start popping up at the squares in winter. Because the off and shoulder seasons are ideal to explore the attractions in the city in peace and away from the crowds. Exquisitely, it is the right time to get cheap deals on City Breaks.

Thrilling Things to do on City Breaks to Amsterdam

Experience the Amsterdam Canal Life

The first thing that strikes anyone who visits the Netherlands capital is its winding canals lined up with cobbled streets and tilting old houses. Definitely, it gives a unique sight which makes City Breaks to Amsterdam worth a visit. Simultaneously, there are tiny to domed bridges which offer excellent views of sunsets in the evenings. Above all, pleasure boating offers exquisite ways of exploring the city in different angles from the canals. So, take a boating trip or spend on a houseboat to cherish the experiences of a different way of life. Finally, drive the pangs of hunger away with delicious Dutch cuisine.

Explore the Museums and Galleries

Most importantly, Amsterdam has numerous museums and galleries that make a great sojourn amidst great displays of arts and artefacts. The Van Gogh is the most visited museum in the city. Similarly, The Stedelijk Museum which is next to Van Gogh houses the largest collection of modern art in the country. Subsequently, one can walk down to the famous Anne Frank’s house and museum on Cheap City Breaks to Amsterdam to peek into the tragic past of the Jewish girl and family.

Relax in Vondel Park

Honouring the famous 17th-century dramatist, the park is named after Joost van den Vondel. Located in the southern part of the city, Vondel Park was opened in 1765. The park is spread in 120 acres and this lung space of the city is a famous spot with the locals. Indeed, one can find a lot of activities to indulge either freely or with nominal fees. Besides, it is an ideal place for the kids to hang out in the kitchen, while the elders relax in the shades of the trees.

Cycle around the City

One of the most prominent and unique things about the city is its biking culture. Especially, it might not be far from the truth if someone says that there is more number of cycles than its population. Having excellent biking paths, it is a very common sight to see the locals cycling to their workplaces. So, rent a bike to explore the city on your own terms. Most importantly, this is the best way to discover the interiors of Amsterdam up and close.

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