Amsterdam Christmas Break | Dazzling Holiday Season

Amsterdam City Breaks

Amsterdam Christmas Break is a dream vacation that one could ever fathom. The Dutch capital glitters during Christmas. It is akin to embarking towards a fairyland. Watch the beautiful decoration of buildings and houses. Visit the buzzing Christmas market. Discover the rich cultural side of Amsterdam. Indeed, a wonderful idea to delve into its liberal lifestyle and the intriguing aesthetic side. The city boasts of several museums and parks. Parks turn into a center of cultural activities and massive celebration takes place during Christmas. Immerse yourself in the celebration – as the old cliché goes, “Be an Amsterdammer in Amsterdam.”

To startle a Dutch friend say ‘Mokummer’ which is a colloquial name for people who live in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam City Breaks | Fascinating Things to Do during Christmas

Sinterklaas Arrival

The vacation begins with the arrival of Sinterklaas(Saint Nicholas). Usually, the arrival is tentatively on the second or third Sunday of November. His arrival sets the stage for a massive celebration. Indeed the arrival is a good time to venture on Amsterdam City Breaks. Enjoy the arrival by relishing pepernoten; small Dutch cookies.

Sparkling Christmas Lights

The lighting around the De Bijenkorf department store is a spectacular sight. The turning on of lights is an indication of the city getting into the festive mood. The frenzy holiday season kicks off once the lights are on.

Amsterdam City Tour

Explore the city like a local Mokummer. Cycling is indeed the best way to meander around the city and watch the Christmas spectacle. The transformation of the city is indeed remarkable and the decoration is huge. Amsterdam glimmers and sparkles during the festival season. Watch the alluring Christmas trees around the streets and houses. Take a bike tour around this fairytale city. Start from the central station and follow the path towards the dam square. Explore the beautiful city in the most environmentally friendly way on Amsterdam Christmas Break

Ice Skating

The ice-skating rings are around Rijksmuseum and Leidseplein Museumplein. The skating rink is a delightful place and does bring forth a Christmas touch. The rinks are set-up amidst an enchanting Christmas atmosphere surrounded by fascinating museums.

Canal Cruise

A canal cruise is an alternative to biking. It is especially for those who are looking for a sleepy Christmas Breaks, and only interested in sightseeing. Canal cruise provides a spectacular view of the city. Watch the glitter around the city and also the gorgeous lighting. Enjoy the festivities from the comfort of the cruise. There are a number of companies that offer canal tours during Christmas with warm coffee and Dutch beer as a complimentary.           

City Breaks To Amsterdam | Explore the Cultural Side

Christmas Market

There are a number of Christmas markets during the festive season. It is culturally enriching, and if you are a foodie, then savor mouthwatering homemade organic food. The markets and the celebration is Dutch-like; however, there is a French and Finish Christmas markets which add to the flavor. The celebration is almost in every corner. Relish the best food and also buy gifts. Delve into the Dutch way celebration on City Breaks to Amsterdam.

Delicious Dutch Delicacies

Experience the festivities by relishing delicious food. Appelbeignets and Olieballen doughnut are two major Christmas delicacies. Enjoy the hapjes (snacks) during the festival. Savor the cookies and also the sausages.

Christmas Carols

Christmas carols are fascinating and several people attend Church to listen to the carols. It is indeed an important cultural side of Amsterdam. Sint Nicolaaskerk and Vondelkerk are a couple of Churches where you can enjoy listening to Carols and celebrate the festivities in a unique traditional way.

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