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Cheap Majorca Holidays away from Bustling Resorts

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Majorca, the breezy Balearic Island of Spain is a top stop party destination for the Brits. Mainly, it is also an easy getaway to a weekend for sun-seekers from UK, Germany and other Scandinavians to revel on the sun-baked coasts. Especially, many of them go out to booze and get binge in the Majorcan bars, pubs and clubs. But, the island has got more to do outside its resorts. Moreover, it is a perfect destination for a complete holiday experience. Dare to be different on Cheap Majorca Holidays and test your gusto with scenic coastal drives in the mountains that have hairpin curves. The island is filled with beautiful secluded coves, long stretches of sandy beaches, majestic limestone mountains, picturesque cycling routes and hiking trails, charismatic coastal towns, and wineries to tingle your taste buds.

Things to Do on Majorca Holidays

Drive in Serra de Tramuntana

In the first place, there is something different about hopping into the driving seat of a car and zoom off to discover something new. But be careful to keep a close eye on the hairpin curves in Serra de Tramuntana. Because it might not be easy to take the eyes off from the picturesque scenes outside. On Majorca Holidays, take the MA-10 road on the west coast of the island as it gives very best views of the island. Similarly, hit MA-2210 to find yourself away to tranquil Cap de Formentor. It is also called the meeting point of the winds. Reach the lighthouse there to see as long as the point where the sea meets the horizon.

Relax on Formentor Beach

Located at the northeastern part of the island, Formentor Beach should be a must in the itinerary of Majorca Beach Holidays. This is a wonderful beach with a narrow stretch of sand and shallow clear turquoise waters. Even if it needs a long drive in the mountains, certainly one should not miss this beach. However, the coastal scenic drive itself is worth enough. Most importantly, it is a perfect place to relax and unwind on a holiday. Besides, this is the ideal spot to soak up the Majorcan sun. And also, enjoy the watermelon pool floats on the water.

Explore the Historical Town Palma de Mallorca

The historic town of Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the island. Here, the beautiful cobbled streets take you past the wonderful structures of the past with amazing architecture. Besides, there is an impressive Santa Maria cathedral to visit on Cheap Holidays to Majorca. Take the exotic views and capture some of the best Instagram shots of the town and the sea from this place. Simultaneously, meander through the narrow lanes to find charming cafes to enjoy hot sips of beverages. Alternatively, if you want to break your bank, there are high-end shopping centres too. Finally, the plazas get lit up and come live in the nights with open-air restaurants and buzzing music in the foreground.

Enjoy Cycling on the Island

With over 2500 cycling routes, Majorca has become a popular destination worldwide for cycling. The smooth roads pass through the ever-changing terrains. Hence, it offers exquisite diversity of nature to see in one place. Catch the scenic coastal routes to enjoy the sun and the sea on Holidays to Majorca. In contrast, there are mountainous routes to test your stamina and caliber. But, they gift the most amazing views of natural landscapes as well as find you a hop on to the beautiful beaches on the island.

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