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Corfu Holidays | The Ever Tempting Ionian Island

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It is indeed a challenge to stay away from the magic of the Ionian Island. Embark on Corfu Holidays and visit the historic old town and the old traditional Greek mountainous village. In fact, villages are ideal places to immerse in the local culture and feel the quintessential characteristic of Greek Island. The coastline and old architecture is a treat to watch. To unravel the rich Greek tradition, explore the Islands during festivities to enjoy and soak up the festive mood. Tradition and culture are quite important to Greece. And it is quite evident in their day to day cuisine. However, history lovers can dig into the past around the forts. Check out the iconic Corfu forts which played a major role in the consolidation of Island. In fact, these forts played a pivotal role in ensuring the defense of the Island from Ottoman aggression.

Discover the Rich Culture on Holidays to Corfu

Easter is nearing and the celebration is at its peak during the festive season. Celebrate the festive like a Corfriot. Make these Holidays to Corfu special on this occasion. Visit Corfu during Easter and immerse into a festive mood. Easter is a time when many tourists visit Greece. Check out the rich customs and the intriguing culture. Enjoy the music and spiritual vibes. Watch the tragic funeral march followed by the resurrection. Indeed, a delightful sight to watch these symbolic gestures. The funeral march is akin to a tragic event. Resurrection is symbolic of joy.

Beach Holidays to Paradisiacal Coastline line Corfu

Corfu is the jewel of the Ionian Sea. An iconic place for Beach Holidays, embark on the rejuvenating beaches and mesmerizing coastline. Check out the beaches before or after Easter. In fact, the prime season starts after the festivities. There are indeed secret gems in every direction. The rugged landscape and the pristine surrounding are quite riveting. However, it is always a good idea to wear water shoes as there are several scattered rocks. Visit the majestic Corfu Town and the nearby beaches like Ipsos, and Dassia. Don’t miss the fascinating Canal D’Amour Beach in Sidari. Legends state that anyone who swims through the channel of Canal D’Amour would find a soul mate.

Cheap Holidays to Corfu | Remarkable Sightseeing

Plan a Cheap Holidays to Corfu and embark on magnificent sightseeing. Explore the iconic Old Town and its spectacular architecture. Explore the streets and its mesmerizing architecture. Watch the Neoclassical as well as the Venetian architecture. The outstanding Fortresses include the New Fortress and the Old Fortress. Explore these architectural gems on this tour. St Spyridon Church is an architectural gem of the medieval era. There are numerous relics that belong to the Byzantine period.

Explore the Paleokastritsa Monastery which is a magnificent medieval architecture. Visit the museum within the monastery which displays whale skeleton. The Monks living in the monastery would press the Olive oil and sell in the shop.

Corfu Cuisine

Enjoy the delectable Corfu cuisine. Indeed, the cuisine is a combination of Mediterranean and Italian traditions. In fact, these combinations had certainly enriched the taste and provide a unique flavor. Sofrito, bourdeto, and Doukades are some of the finest dishes from the Island. Relish the traditional dishes with a glass of wine.

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