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Czech Republic Holidays | A Country Blessed with Nature and Architecture

Czech Republic Destinations

A paradisiacal place is jaded with opulent castles and splendid mountains. Those enchanted by parks, forests, rivers, and mountains should embark on Czech Republic Holidays.  Explore the impressive city of Prague and watch the grandeur castles around the Vitava River and Charles Bridge. Discover the ‘Castle Capital’ of the world (another name of the Czech Republic). Moreover, the intriguing history of Communism is worth pondering in the Czech Republic. It is an interesting world that boasts of the alluring royal castles of the medieval era. On the other hand a disturbing account of the communist era. Visit the Communist museum and watch the distressing events that occurred during the rule. Once saturated by charms of the castles; immerse in the tranquillity of the countryside. Explore the mountain and parks.

Charles Bridge

Start your journey from the spectacular Charles Bridge which is indeed compelling. This 13th-century bridge runs above the River Vltava. The side of the bridge is covered with numerous statues and iconic figures. Artists are seen selling their respective artwork. The bridge is flooded with crowd and several tourists during peak season.

Holidays to Czech Republic | Castles and Cathedrals

Castles and Cathedrals are the ubiquitous features of this country. The remarkable structure defines the nation. Indeed, a Royal retreat on Holidays to Czech Republic.

Prague Castle

Steeped in history and amazing architecture – this riveting structure had undergone remarkable transformations over a millennium. It was a stronghold of Holy Roman Emperors, Bohemian kings, and Habsburgs. A legacy of 1000 years, which is indeed remarkable. The castle encompasses other architectural wonders like St. Vitus Cathedral, Powder Tower, and St. George’s Basilica.

St. Vitus Cathedral

It lies within the Prague castle and dedicated to St. Wenceslas. The people of the Czech Republic once revered this saint. In fact, the surge of Communism led to people turning away from Church and only a handful of people believe in a higher power. In the Czech Republic, only 19 % of people believe in All-Mighty. Nevertheless, the Gothic architecture and the chapels covered with ornate stained glass is fascinating and artistic. In crux, charming and beautiful architecture had transcended faith.

Český Krumlov Castle

Gear up for a royal retreat around this old castle which is a microcosm of buildings, old palaces, castle courts, and beautiful gardens. Don’t be surprised if you are lost in the reveries around the dazzling region. Be in the middle of the UNESCO heritage site and savor the legacy of the 13th-century royalty.  Visit the important sites like Renaissance Hall, Rosenberg Ballroom and the Chapel of St. George. Wander around the region one can also opt for an English guided tour to get a profound knowledge about history.

Cheap Holidays to Czech Republic | Communist Past

The Geopolitics of the era divided the world between the Iron Curtains of the communist rule and Western capitalism – both wrestling for world dominance. The Czech Republic adopted communism until the velvet revolution ended it.

The monuments and museums hold the reminiscence of the Communist past. Indeed, a utopia which turned into a dystopia. Several tourist flocks to the memorial of people who died during the Communist rule. Visit the communist museum on Cheap Holidays to Czech Republic and take a look at the artefacts of the era. It consists of myriad details and objects including school rooms and shops during the Iron rule.

Holidays in Czech Republic | Bohemian Paradise

Discover the long steep mountains enveloped with breathtaking natural beauty. The dramatic landscape consists of these protruding rocks beneath which gives an illusion of touching the cloud. Holidays in the Czech Republic is a great opportunity to meander through the delightful geological wonder.  It is part of the UNESCO – the hills and the natural bridges make it a fascinating hiking region.

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