Caribbean Holidays

Enjoy the West Indian Calypso on Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean Destinations

Located in the south of the United States and on the Caribbean Sea, the islands of the Caribbean are paradisiacal holiday destinations on the Caribbean plate. Housing about 700 islands, islets, reefs and cays, the Caribbean Holidays offer plenty of activities and attractions. These islands offer diverse climatic conditions ranging from tropical to arid and even cooler temperate climate on mountains. The breathtaking beaches, spectacular landscapes, the UNESCO designated sites, and quaint old towns offer a stupendous variety of holiday experience. Furthermore, these islands immerse the world tourists in colorful cultural carnivals, festivals, Caribbean Calypso and in the rhythms of reggae. Even more, the lush green rain forests offer a plethora of adventure activities on a holiday. However, the rum punch gives the Caribbean touch on a dream getaway. Finally, the activities like water sports, scuba diving, banana boat rides, and swimming with dolphins engage all on a holiday.

Explore the Museums in Cuba

Cuba is gradually gaining a hold on the tourism map of the Caribbean with a rich history, culture, and architecture. In fact, explore the history of Cuba in its museums. Over 40 museums to see, this island country is a fascinating place to explore the beautiful pieces of artwork that explain the struggle of the Cubans in history. Museo de la Revolución is one of the prominent and famous museums housed in the Presidential palace. Indeed, this is an idyllic place to get to know Castro’s revolution. And also, one can find many pictures of young Fidel Castro in black and white. Apart from the exhibits, the palace walls themselves have the bullet scars of revolution.   

Constructed in 1953, the National Museum of Fine Arts of Havana is completely dedicated to Cuban art. This museum has Roman mosaics, Greek vases along with Cuban and Spanish Baroque works. However, photography is prohibited in this museum and expats can take a guided tour to get to know the interesting facts about the displays.

Relax on the Beaches

It might not be wrong when someone says life in the Caribbean revolves around the beaches. With beautiful soft sand beaches fringed with palm trees, it is very difficult to pick only one beach to lounge on. However, all the beaches in the Caribbean are great hotspots to hit out the worries and enjoy life. The Caribbean calypso and the rhythm of reggae fill the air on Caribbean beaches. While the sun and tan take the back seat, the festivals and carnivals welcome the visitors on the beaches. And also, the beaches in Caribbean offer spectacular spots to swim and chill with sangria or rum. Furthermore, the beaches with crystal clear waters offer splendid spots to dive and snorkel and discover the magical coral reefs below. 

Enjoy the Belly Rides on  Dolphins

In fact, it is a widely known fact that dolphins are intelligent creatures living in the sea. On Family Holidays to Caribbean, dive into the sea for a swim with these sensible mammals. In fact, Caribbean isles provide several great spots to get close to these wonderful species. Incidentally, there are many stories about how these dolphins save visitors under the waters from the dreadful sharks. Hit the 14-acre marine habitat at Atlantis Resort at the Bahamas with kids for safe interaction with the dolphins and sea lions in the shallow waters. Finally, St Kitts is a great place in the Caribbean to enjoy a swim with dolphins along with a belly ride on these beautiful water mammals.

Enjoy the beats of Reggae at Bob Marley’s Jamaica

Jamaica is the home of Reggae and its child Bob Marley was the uncrowned king of this genre of music in the Caribbean. Visit Bob Marley’s house in Jamaica and feel the magical atmosphere of music still floating in the air of this joyous island. In fact, the home of Bob Marley is now turned into a museum. The 80 seat theatre, gallery of photos and record room lets the visitors to have a look into the life of this iconic man.

Climb up the Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls is a famous tourist attraction at Ocho Rios in Jamaica. In fact, climbing these 180 feet high waterfalls along its natural stairs is a very popular tourist activity to do on Holidays to Caribbean. Particularly, the pictures and videos taken from the top of these waterfalls look out of this world. Indeed, it is a great experience to climb the heights drenching in the waterfalls. However, there are also stairs alongside these waterfalls for those who want a dry climb up by skipping the dreadful rugged terrain.

Hike the Waitukubuli National Trail in Dominica

Dominica is a mountainous terrain Island in the Caribbean and it is a haven for hiking on a holiday. In fact, the 115 mile Waitukubuli National Trail is one of the most famous hiking trails in the Caribbean. Divided into 14 sections, one can pick a trail of their choice depending on their caliber. Known as the natural island, the trails take the visitors to some of the spectacular sights on the island. Indeed one can reach the UNESCO ticked Morne Trois Pitons natural park enjoying the scenic landscapes of the island.

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