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It often exists in the shadows of the other Canary Islands like Tenerife and Gran Canaria, nevertheless, Fuerteventura Holidays garners plenty of attention because of the warm weather and huge waves. This indeed makes it popular among water sports enthusiasts. Apart from the adrenaline activities, there is enough space and a long stretch of sand for family and children. The most peculiar characteristic of this Canary region is the magnificent Biosphere Reserve. In fact, the inception of the island is volcanic. Hence, the minerals underneath enrich the landscape and also an important reason behind its pristine state. The weather is diverse as one region may be dry and the other is sunny or perhaps windy.

There is a remarkable myth to this Canary Island. Some theories state that Fuerteventura was the lost Atlantis. Experience the rich Spanish culture and the North African vibes. Splendid nature and amazing culture are two important features of the Canaries.

Holidays to Fuerteventura | Corralejo Natural Reserve

The benevolent nature is quite evident in Corralejo Park. Saunter through the mesmerizing dune which extends from Puerto Remedio to La Salina. The surroundings are occupied with animals and exotic plants. Apart from the beautiful natural reserves, the winds of the Corralejo beach attract surfing which is an important activity on Holidays to Fuerteventura.

Stunning Coastline on Beach Holidays to Fuerteventura

The Paradisiacal sandy bay and the year-round sunshine would ensure a spectacular Beach Holidays to Fuerteventura. Also the beachfront is highly praised by tourists around the world. Indeed sparkling sand and turquoise water mesmerizing any beachgoer. Moreover, beach bums would love the balmy weather and the laid-back mood.

Sotavento seacoast is the majestic 17 miles of golden stretch and a ubiquitous serene atmosphere. The water temperature is 21 degrees Celsius which certainly entices swimmers. There is also kite surfing due to the trade winds.

Laze around the Esmeralda Beach which is located in Costa Calma. The tranquil waves touching the golden sand coast is a dreamlike sight. Unwind and feel the heavenly atmosphere.

Water Sports

Windsurfing is an important activity to do on Fuerteventura Holidays. Here the winds and waves in tandem create an amicable atmosphere for adrenaline junkies. Moreover, the swelling tides offer a wonderful surfing condition. Besides the water sports, snorkeling is equally compelling and the underwater untamed wonders are worth exploring. Playa de Sotavento and Corralejo reserve are the best places for diving and adventure sports.

Cheap Holidays to Fuerteventura | Memorable Journey around the Island

Prestine landscape is the hallmark of this Canarian universe. The sparsely populated regions are worth exploring on Cheap Holidays to Fuerteventura. Above all, it offers a fascinating traditional side of the surrounding areas. The most amazing experience is living in the old Canarian house. Welcome to Rural Tourism which is steadily gaining popularity.

Salt Museum

These mines were once the lifeline of the local population. In fact, it provides a detailed account of the salt extraction procedure from the ocean. Explore the salt mines which had been deserted, nevertheless, it had left a rich legacy. Besides, the museum throws light on the myriad aspect of the salt-making it also gives a detailed account of culinary and medical usage. It provides an intriguing aspect such as superstitions, beliefs, and traditions.

Majorero Cheese

This is, in fact, a signature dish and a culinary delight. It is prepared from a specific type of goat’s milk. Explore the Majorero Cheese Museum on Fuerteventura Holidays. Apart from the cheese-making, one can ponder over the culture and history attached to it.

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