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With rich history and culture, Germany is a great holiday destination in Europe with magnificent mountains, lively rivers and exquisite beaches of the Black Sea.  Germany Holidays offer wonderful exposure to art and architecture at its capital city Berlin. And, the history buffs marvel at the WWII sites. Today, Germany has emerged as an authentic nation that spreads fun, joy, love, affection, warmth, and serenity on a lovely vacation. One goes on a family holiday or a solo sojourn, Germany offers plenty of attractions and activities to indulge and immerse. Furthermore, the bewitching sceneries, quaint villages and pulsating atmosphere in the cities and towns make holidays stand apart and otherworldly in Germany. Above all, Germany encapsulates the discoveries and learning perfectly on a holiday.


The capital city of Germany attracts the world tourists with historical sites of WWII. This city is also a wonderful place to go back into the memories of the cold war at the demolished Berlin Wall. Home to several ethnic groups, this city spreads the message of unity to the world. Choose Berlin City Breaks and explore the wealth of its tourist attractions like Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag.


Housing several medieval walls, palaces, and churches, Munich is a wonderful city of Germany that blends the classic and modern architecture in style. Furthermore, this is a spectacular city to spot the beautiful opera houses and theatres like the National Theatre. Above all, Munich is the city of the famous Oktoberfest.  This is a wonderful time to visit this city to enjoy the delicious food and tasty beverages while embarking on Low Cost Holidays to Germany .


The well-preserved medieval towns are reminiscent of the wealth of history of Germany. Overlooking the beautiful Tauber River in Bavaria, the town center of Rothenberg looks straight from the medieval times.  Indeed, this is a wonderful place to wander through the city on foot. The Town Hall is the most prominent place in this city. And also, this is the seat of administration of the town. Besides, climb the 13th-century tower of the town hall for exotic views of the city on Holidays to Germany. Finally, this is the best place to shop for a few souvenirs for friends back home from the stores.


This is one city in Germany that tells the tragic past at its damaged sites of WWII. In fact, this was once the jewel of Germany with opulent structures of art and architecture. Sadly, this city was severely damaged due to WWII bombarding. Recovered and restored from the horrific era, now this city offers splendid views of architecture. Frauenkirche cathedral is a wonderful site to visit on a holiday. Furthermore, there are several cultural institutions like the renowned Semper Opera to explore in this German city.

Cologne Cathedral

Situated on Rhine River, Cologne is the hotspot city of culture, art and vibrant nights.  The stunning Cologne Cathedral, Gothic and Romanesque churches attract the visitors of the world on All Inclusive Holidays to Germany. In fact, the Cologne Cathedral is one of the largest churches in Europe spread in 6166 square meters with 56 gigantic pillars. The spectacular works of interiors captivate everyone on a holiday. Furthermore, this is a fantastic place to enjoy the panoramic views of the city from the towers.

Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg

No visit to Germany is complete without a stay in the city of Hamburg. Apart from many prominent attractions in the city, this is a wonderful place to hit on the miniature city with families and kids.  Housing the wonderful model railway station, the miniature wonderland must be in the bucket list of Family Holidays to Germany.

The Black Forest

Bordering France in southwest Germany, the Black Forest region is a wonderful place to explore nature with magnificent mountains and evergreen forests. And also, this is a famous destination to relax in the spas. Indeed, this is an idyllic spot to try skiing and hiking in the mountains. Above all, visit the town of Freiburg in this region to explore the Gothic style buildings and have great times at the surrounding vineyards on Cheap Holidays to Germany.

Rugen Island

The largest island of Germany with diverse landscapes, Rugen Island offers a complete experience of a holiday. This island is home to several hills, forests, spectacular sandy beaches, lagoons and also boasts an age-old town. This is a wonderful place to satisfy the wanderlust during an outing in Germany. In fact, here one can hike the mountains in the morning and have peaceful times on the beaches in the afternoons. And also, housing several neoclassical parks and buildings, the old town of Putbus satisfies the history buffs on a holiday.

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