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Greece Holidays | Uncover the Majestic Ancient World

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Greece Holidays is an inspiration and it is akin to going back to some of the fundamental stuff that we have taken for granted. For instance, Democracy which is sacrosanct in the modern world has its roots in Greece. Include philosophy and mathematics also Hippocrates the father of modern medicine was born in the Greek Island of Kos. Apart from the cerebral achievements of the ancient Greeks, the nation is a delightful tourist place. Indeed, in hospitality, there is nothing like Greece. Therefore, it is a wonderful country to visit in almost every season. The Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean oceans had indeed augmented the beautiful sun-kissed shoreline. Greece is one of the sunniest regions in the world; three hundred days of sunshine every year is quite encouraging for tourism. The sunshine is everywhere in Greece.

Apart from Seacoast Greek food is healthy and delicious. In fact, the Ikaria which is a Blue Zone in Greece eats healthily and lives long. Their average age is much longer. Greek gastronomy is part of the tradition. Hence, it is not a fast-food for a quick bite rather it is integral to the traditional values and a reflection of rich cultural heritage. Try the best of dishes like Kleftiko, Moussaka, Gyros, Spanakopita, Greek Salad, Souvlaki, and Feta Cheese.

Holidays to Greece | Explore the Islands

Embark on a guaranteed holistic trip towards the Greek Islands. Indeed the most fascinating place to be on Holidays to Greece. To describe Greece without mentioning the Islands is rather absurd. The 6000 Islands is the extension of the riveting Greek culture. Aegean and Ionian seacoast attracts tourists around the world.


Explore the verdant Zante and its incredible natural landscape. The serene pristine beaches have smitten many youngsters. Apart from the sunshine, sea, and landscape the Island has plenty of historical attractions.


Crete is one such Island which is quintessential Greek-like. It is a microcosm of excellent landscape and azure waterfronts. An exceptional Island for Family Holidays. The ruin of the extinct Minoan civilization and the Knossos palace is indeed fascinating. The Gastronomy delights are in plenty around the restaurants. Indeed, a great place for Foodies. However, the landscape and the mesmerizing Samaria gorge is a delight for hikers. Mythology is quite a fascinating aspect of Crete. It is the birthplace of the ancient Greek god Zeus.


Mediterranean weather and sun-soaked beaches surrounded by fairytale landscape. Swim through the Canal D’Amour in Sidari where legends believe that one might find a soul mate. The UNESCO Corfu town is brimming with historical sites. Check out the Byzantine, Venetian sites around the historic old town.


It is beauty personifies and the volcanic landscape is riveting. Sunset is captivating and the seashore would leave a lasting impact on any backpackers.

Cheap Holidays to Greece | The Splendid Mainland

Indeed, the mainland is equally compelling like the Islands. In fact, there are plenty of offers to explore the mainland on Cheap Holidays to Greece. The rich history and the intriguing mythology of the mainland are quite inspiring. Discover the treasures of the ancient world. Explore Delphi, Athens, Mycenae, and Olympia. The iconic regions are indeed fascinating. The archeological ruins and the artifacts inside the museums are amazing. Walk around the Acropolis of Athens and the iconic pantheon. Delphi was an important pilgrim site in the ancient world. It was in fact considered to be the center of the world. Olympia is another important historical place where the Olympic sports began. Indeed, it would take time to explore and fully appreciate the ancient world of Greece and its rich culture and heritage.

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