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Holidays to Barbados | Discover the Quintessential Caribbean Island

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Holidays to Barbados is akin to living under the riveting Caribbean vibes. Embark towards this West Indies Island and experience the authentic Caribbean culture. Discover the colonial history; indeed, the reminiscence of the rich colonial past is intact to this day. It was a British colony for 300 years and the influence is profound. People around Barbados keep British name and the architecture is very English. In fact, they love cricket and over centuries produced legends.        

Irrespective of any season there will be sunshine in Barbados. The sunny days are around 300 days a year. It is balmy from April; however, the temperature is cool in January. The wet winter also brings forth sunshine during the day. The Island is best during the off-season. It is free from hurricanes.

Several Celebrities have been smitten by the Island. A lucky tourist might spot a celebrity. Wayne Rooney, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cara Delavigne have been spotted around the beaches.

Beach Holidays | Paradisiacal Coastline

Cricket, music, and beaches complete Barbados. There is enough sunshine and sandy bays for beach bums who are seeking a laid-back Beach Holidays. Nature had indeed been kind to Barbados, the turquoise water and sandy bays appear pristine. Indeed, hotels and luxury resorts have mushroomed around the beaches for a comfortable vacation. Therefore, look out for an All Inclusive Holidays to Barbados for a pleasant stay. Head on towards the shimmering silvery sandy beaches and watch the serene waves gently touching the soft sandy bay.  

Crane Beach is located on the southern tip. Watch the gorgeous heavenly pink hue which certainly attracts several beachgoers. The surrounding coconut palms look spectacular and provide shades on scorching sunny day.

Miami Beach is a major attraction among tourists and locals. The beach is an ideal place to ensconce. Hence, hire an umbrella or seabed and savor the sunshine. Sip a cocktail while savoring the wonderful vibes near the infinite sea. Relish the flying fish sandwiches near the restaurants.

Get involved in adrenaline activity at silver sands Christchurch. If challenging the winds is your forte then there is no better place than Silver Sands. It is an ideal place for windsurfers and kite surfers. The enticing blue waters blend beautifully with soft powdery sand. Sit and meditate or watch the antics of surfers.  

Cheap Holidays to Barbados |Embark on Myriad Sightseeing and Activities


Under Water Snorkeling

Dive into the deep ocean and explore the underwater marine world. This is indeed the most exciting activity on Cheap Holidays to Barbados. The best place for snorkeling is the west coast. Discover the old shipwrecks, several companies offer shipwreck diving. These wrecks are a glaring example of Barbados playing a vital role in trade.

Rum Estate

If a wine has cultural importance for French then Rum is for Barbados. Visit the Mount Gay Rum Estate which started in 1703. It is indeed intricately linked to the history of Barbados. Rum had indeed played a pivotal role around the trading route.

Historic Sites

Learn about the rich history of Barbados in Bridgetown. Explore the old colonial structures. The remarkable structures narrate interesting tales of the colonial past. Moreover, one can visit the house where George Washington lived. Discover the iconic structures around the Island.  

Barbados Cuisine

The Bajan dishes are delicious enjoy the authentic cuisine. Eat the roasted flying fish. Savor the fish cakes prepared from codfish with herbs and aromas as other add-ons. Jug Jug is another traditional Bajan dish served during Christmas and festivities. It is prepared from Pork and Beef. Sea eggs and pigtails are indeed the most exotic dishes on Barbados Holidays.

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