Holidays to Israel | Immerse Amidst the Richness and Diversity

Destinations Israel

Around millions of people from diverse backgrounds thrive in this tiny country. The only commonality is their faith in Judaism. Holidays to Israel is a great opportunity to explore the diverse culture and tradition. After the creation of Israel in 1948, the migration began from 23 countries around the world. Thus, bringing in diverse traditions and enriching the culture. This indeed brings multiculturalism as well as multi-cuisine. Indeed, Israeli cuisine is diverse like its culture. Apart from the culture the cities are also diverse. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are a glaring example of diversity. Jerusalem is a major destination for all three monotheistic faiths and Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan and popular party destination.  

Cheap Holidays to Israel | Places to Visit in this wonderful country

Embark on Cheap Holidays to Israel and explore gorgeous cities and myriad sightseeing.

Jerusalem Old City

It is a holy place for all three monotheistic faiths. There are many sacred sites and places of religious importance. Savor the sacred vibes. Many non-religious people have experienced spiritual vibes around the city. Visit the Jewish temple and the western wall. The Al Aqsa Mosque is holy for Muslims. Walkthrough the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Take a look at the burial site of Jesus inside the Church. Head towards the Tower of David which is another iconic site.

Splendid Tel Aviv

It is a cosmopolitan place with plenty of attractions. There are several fascinating things to do in this wonderful city. Also, the city is in contrast to Jerusalem. The shores and beaches are captivating. There are a plethora of splendid beaches around Tel Aviv. Indeed the balmy Mediterranean water and the sun-baked coastline attract sun-tanners. The best places for Beach Holidays are Banana Beach, Gordon Beach, Metzizim Beach, and Hilton Beach. Visit the Tel Aviv port for nightclubs, bars, and cafes. Relish the delectable street food around the Old Jaffa. Indeed, Tel Aviv would tease the taste buds with some eclectic cuisine. You can find Middle Eastern, Yemeni, and North African exotic food.

The Gorgeous City of Haifa

Discover the third largest city in Israel. The city of Haifa is a melting point of myriad cultures and traditions. Also, religious diversity is amazing. Visit the beautiful Bahai Gardens. In fact, 6 million of the Bahai community lives in Israel. It is a sacred site for the people of Bahai faith. It is indeed a picture-perfect site beautifully decorated with trees and greenery. Wadi Nisnas is another fascinating example of diversity. It is an Arab neighborhood where tourists enjoy exotic Arab food. Relish Hummus, stuffed, eggplant, and Arab Pastries in Wadi Nisnas. Amble through the German colony which offers a stunning view of the Mediterranean. Relish the streets food Falafel, and shawarma around the city.  Enjoy the wind and the sea breeze at Bat Galim and Dado Beaches. The wind and breeze are encouraging for surfers.  

Israel Holidays | Dead Sea Tour

Float in the Dead Sea and experience the tranquility. The Dead Sea is a must-visit on Israel Holidays. It is indeed the healthiest activity in Israel. Roll in the mud and let the rich minerals seep into the skin and rejuvenate your body. New scientific research state that mineral-rich soil helps in curing ailments.

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