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How to Celebrate Winters on France Holidays?

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Sure everyone knows the famous Eiffel Tower, but France has got more than that to offer on a holiday. Hence, the diverse range of activities and attractions turned this passionate country into a pleasure-seeking holiday destination in the world. Along with the stark variety, France provides an excellent climate that suits year-round getaways. And also, the French Riviera has some stunning beaches across its coast to indulge more in activities on a trip. Furthermore, unleash your wanderlust at the beautiful Pyrenees and magnificent Alps mountains. Above all, the snow-capped mountains in winters and especially on the island of Corsica offer excellent options for winter sports. Go on the France Holidays to enjoy the exotic lush green countryside and vineyards. Even more, the chic boulevards of Paris, charming medieval towns and amazing ancient castles offer unwatchable magical experiences on a holiday.

Warm Winter Days on France Holidays

France is a fantastic destination to visit in winter. Indeed, this is a great time to visit France with many offers on flights and hotels. Especially, the winter festivities, colorful celebrations and plethora of winter sports and activities hook everyone on Cheap Holidays to France. The nights might be chillier in winters, but the balmy Mediterranean climate ensures warm sunny days in this fashionable country. And also, the visitors can stroll along the beautiful streets during the days in the southern towns like Nice, to explore the wonderful attractions. However, one can even take a dip in the sea during days and go hiking or skiing in the high resorts of the southern country.

Christmas Markets in France

France turns into a magical world during Christmas with glittering Christmas markets and colorful decorations and lights. Usually, the Christmas Markets pop up from late November till early December and continue until the end of the year. It is a great time to experience the cultural charm of France in its true form around this time of the year. As the glitters of light, the scent of spicy mulled wine and the aura of gingerbread fill the air, the traditions and carousels unfold blissfully. Buy some ubiquitous unique gifts made by the local artisans, while the children play on the ice rinks in the markets. The Christmas Market in Strasbourg is the oldest and largest in France. Indeed, this 431-year-old Christmas Market should be ticked in the itinerary on Family Holidays to France.

Winter Festivals in France

France turns into a land of festivals in winters. Starting from the festival of uncorking the wine- Beaujolais Nouveau in November, France celebrates music and jazz festivals all through the cold season. With every single home being lit, France turns into a fairy tale land of lights on the Fête des Lumieres festival. This festival is celebrated for four days. However, this fabulous nation celebrates Christmas and New Year on a grand gala note. And also, the Cheval Passion – Equestrian Festival and local festivals in vineyards fill the January calendar of events. Above all, France beats the winter cold with Limoux Carnival and Lemon Festival by the end of January.

Relax at the French Riviera

Located in the south of the country, towns like Nice, Saint-Tropez, and Cannes offer spectacular resorts with visitors from the glamour and glitzy world. There are a variety of luxury resorts in French Riviera to visit on All Inclusive Holidays in France. Indeed, this is a great spot to hit on especially in summers. But, one can just relax watching the clear waters, beautiful yachts, and glorious sunsets with delicious sips and bites in a swanky restaurant. And also, it is a great place to hobnob with the rich, famous and glamorous.

Ice Skating and Winter Sports

France has got a few of the best ice skating resorts in the world. To name a couple, the Les Trois Vallees and Paradiski Espace Kill offer excellent slopes for the professionals as well as the beginners. Hit the Alps Mountains for the greatest options of skiing. Located in the Haute Savoie region in the Alps, Flaine is a wonderful ski resort for the families for great skiing experience on Holidays to France. However, there are several resorts that offer great winter sports like snowshoeing, skidding, tobogganing, and skating

Winter Cuisine of France

The great season of cuisine varies from country to country. In summers some countries might dish out exotic cuisine with abundance availability of local produce and wineries. But when it comes to France, it stores its best for winters. The delectable French cuisine expands the waistlines in winters. Invariably, these delicious French delicacies keep the visitors warm during cold and snowy winters. Try the scrumptious melted cheese with grilled meats and onion soups. And also, nibble down the Boeuf Bourguignon dish made with beef and red wine. Above all, finish the lunches or dinners with a tasty white wine enjoying the interactions with friends or family. Finally, remember to go for small walks after downing the stomach filling dishes on Low Cost Holidays to France.

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