Vienna Christmas Breaks

Vienna Christmas Breaks | Revel at the Ice Rinks and enchant with Choirs and Music

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Vienna, the land of intellectuals is the capital city of Austria. Located on the Danube River, this Austrian city is a hotspot of imperial palaces, grandiose buildings and magnificent museums of art and architecture. Furthermore, Vienna embraces world visitors with rich culture and vibrating music. Famously called the ‘City of Dreams’ by Sigmund Freud, any holiday, getaway or a break to Vienna is just living your dreams.  Designated by UNESCO as the world heritage site, the historic center at the old town entices one and all.  Above all, Vienna dons a fairy tale look with the onset of Christmas. Venture out on Vienna Christmas Breaks to live your dreams with classical concerts, frosty breathed choirs, glittering Christmas Markets, and exquisite cuisine. Furthermore, twist on the frosty ice rinks and hit the paddle to discover the gems of this medieval Baroque city with guided cycle tours.

Christmas Markets in Vienna

The magical Christmas Markets come up at the pretty squares of Vienna welcome the festive season. The aroma of gingerbread, the glitters of the decorative lights, the choirs of young boys, delicious dishes, and exotic chocolate and refreshing drinks fill the festive vibes in the air.  Hit on Altwiener Christkindlmarket on Christmas Breaks in Vienna. This old-style Christmas Market is a great place to buy beautiful handmade souvenirs. Furthermore, the children can enjoy the puppet shows, while the elders immerse in the moods and swings of Christmas choirs and music. However, visit the Christmas Market at Belvedere Palace to explore the age-old charm. Indeed, it is a great sight to see the dazzling decorative lights and glittering stalls lit in the evenings.

Above all, walk through the narrow streets of the market and get to know the tastes of locals. Finally, the Christmas celebrates merge with the eve of New Year in January at Maria Theresien Platz market. In fact, Maria Theresien Platz market turns into a wonderful New Year village in January. And, it is a great spot to shop the souvenirs and enjoy the punch of warm wine.

Christmas Celebrations in Vienna

Advent Wreath

Vienna celebrates the Advent – The Birth of Jesus on Sunday that falls four weeks before Christmas Eve.  In fact, the homes are decorated with the wreath of flowers, leaves, and stems. Above all, the light of candles oozes the festive aura in every corner of the house in the run-up to Christmas. And at the dinner time, the carols and prayers take the center stage.

Blossoming Barbara Twigs

Dedicated to Saint Barbara, Vienna celebrates Barbaratag on the 4th of December. Interestingly, many of the Austrians collect the twigs of cherry trees and store them in a decorative container. Finally, if the twig blossoms by Christmas Eve, the Austrians believe that the following year brings good fortune and health. And also, many others believe that the blossomed Barbara twigs make marriages happen in the house.

The Christmas Eve

The Christmas tree plays a very pivotal role in the celebrations of the eve in Austria. Similarly, Christmas trees are decorated with gold, silver, sweets, lights, wrapped candies and gingerbread. In fact, the shops, theatres, and restaurants remain closed in the evenings of Christmas Eve on 24th December. The family members gather around the Christmas trees around 7:00 PM and lit the trees by singing Christmas carols.

Palaces in Vienna

At the height of the Habsburg Empire, many palaces have come up in Vienna. Either you wander through or cycle through the city, every square or corner greets with spectacular jewels of architecture. Sitting pretty on a hill, the Schonbrunn Palace is the stunning Baroque work of architecture. Housing about 1411 rooms, this sprawling palace has splendid sculptors in its gardens. Indeed, this is one of the most famous touristic attractions in Austria. Flourished for centuries, Hofburg Palace is the great architectural marvel of the Habsburg Empire. Here, explore the recreated rooms of Empress Elisabeth in the Sisi museum and discover the age-old silver coins. Finally, visit the orangery and palace stables of the prestigious Belvedere palace on Vienna Holidays. Indeed, it is a great place to inspire your kids to take up art by showing them Gustav Klimt’s paintings on Vienna City Breaks.

The Sigmund Freud Museum 

Founded in 1971, the Sigmund Freud Museum is one of the most famous attractions of Vienna. Sigmund Freud is an Austrian neurologist who introduced psychoanalysis to the world. In fact, Freud lived at Vienna until 1938 before fleeing to England following the Nazi attacks. This famous museum was once Sigmund Freud’s residence. In this museum, one can explore the archive footage of Freud himself and also can get to know his patients.

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