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Majorca Holidays | The Dramatic Balearic Island

Destinations Majorca

Beaches and weather is the primary reason that tourist opts for Majorca Holidays. This picturesque Island has plenty to offer for holidaymakers planning for an exciting itinerary. The Island has a long history that goes back to 7000 B.C. indeed; the reminiscence and the structures are still around. Moreover, the iconic monuments of the Reconquista are very much integral and symbolic to the Islanders.

Tourism is a vital industry in this Balearic Island. It does appeal to the revelers as well as the celebrities; similar to its other Balearic cousin like Ibiza. Writers and artists have been smitten by its beauty. Robert Graves was the first Englishman who moved to Majorca. This English poet left the creative vibes that many artists followed. Hence, this led to many creative geniuses and celebrities flocking to this Island.

Holidays to Majorca | Unique Experiences

The Balearic world has all the traits and characteristics that a globetrotter would imagine. Holidays to Majorca is a unique experience in many ways. Start from the waterfront and gradually move towards the Aquariums, historical sites, and landscape.

Cala Mesquida Beach

In proximity to the historic Castell Capdepera is Cala Mesquida seafront. It is in fact, a beautiful combination of historical monuments and seacoast. The blue waves and the sparkling dunes are captivating. Moreover, there is plenty of space to unwind and the luxury of sunshine would provide enough tan and vitamin D. Above all the serene water around the beaches is exceptional and irresistible. Hence, swimming is always on the cards if embarking on Beach Holidays to Majorca.

Water Sports in Majorca

The Mediterranean blue waves are enticing for some adrenaline activities. Diving snorkeling and surfing are enthralling sports to indulge. To experience peace – engage in paddling and kayaking. Check out the water sports center in Palma and also Kite Surfing around the seacoast.

Faro de Formentor

Embark from thrills to something ethereal. Get the best Camera for a rare click. It is indeed a unique sight where the majestic Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains meets the idyllic Mediterranean coastline. Maybe a nice picture of Faro de Formentor lighthouse on the steep cliff would certainly make your day.

The Arab Baths

The Moorish rule of Majorca had left a rich legacy of the rejuvenating baths. It is the 12th-century Arab construction in the Town of Palma. The Moors called it Medina Mayurqa. There is speculation about these exotic bathhouses. The material used was the remains of the previous Roman ruins.

Romanes de Pollentia

A brilliant introduction to the archeological ruins that narrates an epic tale of the Roman presence. It is situated around the fringes of Alcúdia which is already a historical place of great significance. Browse through the artifacts in the museum. Check out the unearthed objects and relics. Explore the historical place with your children on Majorca Holidays. Let the kids learn about the dramatic past.

Tramuntana Mountain Range

These mountains are crown of Majorca. It stretches to almost 56 miles. Also, there are numerous sites to marvel if venturing on a cycling or hiking tour. The entire cliffs and mountainous terrain is part of the UNESCO heritage. Besides, the region is significant for its biodiversity, culture, and history.

Cheap Holidays to Majorca | Delectable Food

While planning Cheap Holidays to Majorca and looking for affordable deals – don’t forget to check out some exotic stomach-churning treats. The Tapas and the seafood are ever delicious. Try the desserts prepared from seasonal fruits. Sobrassada and Tumbet are the signature dishes. For sweet relish enjoy Ensaïmada pastries.

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