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Cyprus Holidays | Winter Vacation in the Mediterranean Island

Christmas Breaks Cyprus

The Mediterranean island is popular among backpackers for sunshine, balmy weather, and a beautiful long coastline. However, Cyprus Holidays during winters are quite fascinating. Celebrating Christmas in Cyprus is indeed a great idea.  Good weather and laid-back vibes are everywhere. The maximum day-temperature is 18º C. It gets cooler at nights, but the weather is pleasant during the off-season.  Fewer tourists’ means that the important historical sites are less crowded and it is a perfect time to explore. The sparsely crowded beaches are good for picnic and savoring peaceful-vibes.  Festivities bring forth the rich traditions and culture. It is indeed a great time to enjoy special delicacies for Christmas. It is also a great time to delve into the rich tradition and understand the fascinating culture.

Cheap Holidays to Cyprus | Historical Musings

Ambling around the historical sites is indeed a great idea on Cheap Holidays to Cyprus. The weather is perfect, and it is not sweltering heat as one would experience during hot summers. Discover the rich history around various monuments. Cyrus had always been under attack from various fronts. This is due to its strategic importance. Explore the sites which are usually less crowded during the off-season. Indeed, there is plenty of space to take pictures. Discover the historic sites from the Roman, Crusades and the Ottoman periods. Winter Breaks are the perfect time to explore the historic sites and know about the rich history of the Templars, Byzantine, Romans and the Ottomans.  

Cyprus Holidays | Christmas Vacation

During Christmas, Cyprus Holidays are full of celebrations and one can see beautiful decorations around houses and buildings. The beginning of December would fill houses with the fragrance of melomakarona cookies. In fact, the Christmas tree is quite symbolic along with Santa Claus.  

Experience the rich spiritual tradition during the festival season. Cypriots honor Christ and in several villages, people sing the kalanda carols. These wonderful carols are the legacy of Byzantine. It is quite a fascinating thing to watch the ancient legacy of the Byzantine.

There is an interesting tradition on the Epiphany day. Indeed a fascinating old tradition is still followed by the Cypriots. The housewives would prepare the kserotiana a special doughnut. They throw the doughnut on the roof for bugbear. Once the mass is over a priest would walk around the village sprinkling holy water. The priest would be accompanied by a child who would be carrying the water container. While the priest sprinkles the water people would gather and throw coins in the container.  

Gastronomy during Christmas

The festivals also bring forth some exotic delicacies such as the gennopitta also known as Christopsomo. Cypriots relish this sweet bread with the cross sign. It is indeed symbolic to many of the people.  

Frumenty is an egg-lemon soup that people enjoy with the family. Souvla is a Turkish cuisine which is now a delicacy among the Cypriots. It is a delicious holiday meal usually prepared during family gatherings. It is a juicy lamb or pork meat slowly cooked over charcoal.  Souvla is a specialty during the holiday season.

Little pig delicacy is a Christmas specialty. Indeed, a fascinating tradition where the entire family buy a pig on Psalm Sunday. Around 3-4 days before Christmas the pig is slaughtered and the small pieces of meat are immersed in the wine with coriander and salt. On Christmas day the smoked meat is relished by the family. Christmas celebration and gastronomy are indeed an integral part of the Christmas Holidays.

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