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Top 7 Places to Visit on Gibraltar Holidays

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Located on the southern coast of Spain, Gibraltar is a British overseas territory. The total area of this place is just 8.6 square kilometers. The Moors settled in this region in the middle ages before Spain’s rule. Finally, this place was conceded to the British in 1713. The famous Rock of Gibraltar overlooking the sea is the most prominent attraction in the region. The 14th-century Moorish castles, World War II tunnels, and museums make this an interesting tourist destination in the region. However, the dolphin watching, skywalks, and cable car journeys provide excitement on Gibraltar Holidays. Most importantly, the amount of holiday experience that such a tiny little piece of land offers is the USP of this destination.  

Above all, the balmy Mediterranean climate keeps the visitors moderately warm even in winters. And also, this is a great place to spot the antiques of the apes of Gibraltar. So, book an affordable low cost deal to have a unique experience at this peculiar piece of land at the tail of Spain that is not Spanish.

Rock of Gibraltar

It looks weird to not visit the famous piece of rock on Holidays to Gibraltar. This 426-meter high limestone rock dominates the peninsula. One can reach this rock either by hiring a car or by hiking and it can even be reached by a cable car. Whatever the source you choose to reach the highest point may be, the spectacular views look stunning. Furthermore, while reaching by a cable car, the beautiful vistas below just look celestial. And also, there are Barbary apes that greet you on the way. But, be careful and stay away from entertaining them as they might hurt you and they can even run away with your belongings.

Under Ground Tunnels

At Hay’s Level Nature Reserve Upper Rock, one would discover the great engineering marvels of the British. Popularly known as the great sieze tunnels, the British built these labyrinths of underground ways to combat the Spain and France forces between 1779 and 1783.  These tunnels helped the British in safeguarding the rock from the enemy forces. However, the British extended these tunnels during WWII. And now, these total length of these underground tunnels is 51 kilometers.  One can enter these tunnels from the Nature Reserve Upper Rock and many guided tours help the tourists in discovering the great facts behind these manmade tunnels.

Moorish Castle Ruins

Fortified in the 11th century, the Moorish Castle has several numbers of buildings, gates, walls, and many towers.The Tower of Homage and Gate House are the predominant structures at this spot. However, the Tower of Homage looks awe-inspiring even today. Above all, Admiral George Rooke hoisted the British flag at the Tower of Homage in 1704 and announced the authority on the rock.

Gorham’s Cave Complex

Formed between 127,000 to 32,000 years ago, Gorham’s caves are the UNESCO   world heritage sites with rich archeological findings.In fact, the four caves found in the southeastern coast of Gibraltar provide much information to study the evolution of human beings. And also, many of the finds from these caves are put in display at the Gibraltar Museum. One can take the families and kids to these rocky caves to educate them on the evolution of human life on Family Holidays to Gibraltar.

The Alameda Botanic Gardens

After a sojourn with the attractions on the peninsula, the Alameda Botanic Gardens is a great place to spend in the relaxing abode of nature.This botanical garden is located at the southern port gates. Here, the palms, pines and olive trees provide a feast to the eyes.  And also, there are several species of plants from Australia, America, and Asia to explore Cheap Holidays to Gibraltar. Apart from that, this park houses numerous animals rescued from various places of this region. Above all, the open-air theatre entertains visitors with several cultural events and musical concerts.

Europa Point

Located at the southern part of the peninsula, the Europa Point should be in the bucket list of the expats going on All Inclusive Holidays to Gibraltar. This single place houses several attractions to explore on a holiday. Because, there are many attractions like the 19th century Trinity Lighthouse, the Shrine of our Lady of Europe along with the Mosque of The Custodian of the Holy Mosques. The restored artillery Harding’s Battery of the British is another attraction at this site.  and also, one can discover an ancient underground water reservoir called Nun’s Well. Above all, one can also find a recently opened the only cricket ground on the island.

Gibraltar Museum

This museum is a great place that pleases the history buff on Low Cost Holidays to Gibraltar. The Gibraltar Museums unfolds the great history of this region from the prehistoric Phoenician times till the great seize.This museum houses Islamic baths, Egyptian mummies and several other artifacts. And they whisper the legacy of the bygone eras. And also, this museum also houses several finds from the UNESCO marked Gorham’s Cave Complex.

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