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Top Islands for Backpackers on Spain Holidays

Spain Holidays Travel

The Mainland has garnered plenty of attention because of the trancelike coastline and marvellous architecture.

But Islands are an important part of Spain Holidays. The approaching summers would bring forth plenty of thrill and adventure. Spanish Island and its diversity are rather interesting. In fact, the Islands of the Balearics are the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea while the volcanic Islands of the Canary are unique in its characteristic. However both the Balearic and Canary are spectacular for adventure-seekers and backpackers. Both archipelagos may be contrasting nevertheless fascinating. The verdant splendid landscapes on Majorca Holidays are a haven for bivouacking. Moreover, these exotic campsites provide a magical view of the night sky and they are perfect places for stargazing.

Top Spain Islands with Compelling Coastline on Cheap Holidays to Spain

Choose the finest Island and find the best deals for Cheap Holidays to Spain. It is indeed treated for revellers, beachgoers, sun loungers as well as hikers. Moreover, adrenaline junkies would visit the Islands.

Ibiza Balearic Island

It’s a pulsating party Island reverberating with fusion and resplendent coastline. Hedonism and Epicureanism are an integral characteristic of Ibiza Holidays. There are numerous clubs and beach bars dotted across the coast. The clean Mediterranean Sea around San Antonio is a remarkable sight. Post Sunset after a beautiful balmy day – the partygoers flock to the long strip around the shore where there are several clubs and DJ’s playing fusion Music.

Majorca Balearic Island

It has the rock star-like status and also the grandeur of the Serra de Tramuntana. Hike towards the mountains on Cheap Majorca Holidays. It is indeed a holistic hiking trip which includes: plenty of walking, exotic wineries, and tranquil villages. Apart from the magic of the verdant settings explore the historical places. La Seu cathedral is an architectural marvel. Watch the magnificent artwork and also the continued work by Anton Gaudi. Gothic art is very much visible. The cathedral was a former Moorish Mosque. Enjoy the Mediterranean weather and also the 300 days of sunshine. Experience the generous balmy climate around Playa d’Alcudia, Port de Pollença, and Palma Nova Beaches. Indeed Beach Holidays to Majorca is loaded with sunshine and Vitamin D.

Lanzarote Canary Island

One of the best Spanish Island to escape this summer. A beautiful retreat to the Island which is famous for the designs of Caesar Manrique. Timanfaya National park is the top attraction in Lanzarote. In fact the best tourist site on the Island. The place is quintessentially volcanic. There was an incessant volcanic explosion for 6 years in the 17th century. Try the delectable grilled meat at El Diablo Restaurant. Apart from the landscapes head towards the Jameos Del Agua which is a remarkable creation of Caesar Manrique. He reinvented the place with his enlightening ideas. It was a collapsed volcanic tube converted into a garden, concert hall, and spectacular cave bar. Also, there is a glistening lake underneath the caves. Lanzarote Holidays is a treat for backpackers with aesthetic sensibility.

Gran Canaria Canary Island

A spectacular microcosm and the diverse climate also the finest coastline surrounded by majestic landscape and long desert. Explore the Maspalomas shoreline and its otherworldly dunes. Roque Nublo is an iconic rock standing steep on the mountain top. The surrounding region is a hikers dream. Visit Pueblo Canario which is a delight for culture-vultures. The Sioux City is a remarkable theme park similar to the wild wild west.

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