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Which Balearic Islands are best for Family Holidays?

Balearic Islands Travel

The beautiful archipelago consisting of 4 Islands. Mainly, Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera located off the east coast of Spain are known as the Balearic Islands. Each island exudes its own charm and character different from mainland Spain.  In fact, these islands are a treat for the family holidays, beach breaks and also for party freaks. With a short distance from the UK and a strong dose of history and culture, these islands woo the world with dazzling beaches and historical towns. Furthermore, the beautiful coves with warm and crystal clear waters offer spectacular options for scuba diving on Balearic Islands Holidays. Apart from the fantastic beaches and nature of Fuerteventura and the splendid party scene of Ibiza, Menorca is ideal for families, while Majorca is for all. However, the best time to visit the Balearics is from May to October, while the winters offer fewer crowds, peace, greenery, and low prices.

Menorca- The Best Balearic Island for Families with Kids and Toddlers

Much quieter and peaceful than its bigger sisters Majorca and Ibiza, Menorca has translucent crystal clear waters with shallow beaches. Hence, this island is an ideal destination for families with young children. In fact, this is a great island with excellent family-friendly hotels that are run by local families since generations.  And also, this is a wonderful place for families who want to indulge in some adventure activities in safe waters. With rich marine life and crystal clear waters, this is a paradisaical place for scuba diving on Family Holidays to Menorca.

The Best Time to Visit Menorca

To enjoy the pleasant weather and less rainfall, the best time to visit this island is from June to October. July registers the highest average temperature of 26 °C, while February registers lowest at 13 °C. Menorca is the windiest of the Balearic Islands but this is welcome in hot summers. However, one need not fear the winters from December to February, as they are mild with many sunny days and rarely get cold.

Majorca – Best for Families with Teens  

With jaw-dropping beaches, incredible interiors and wonderful activities for all ages, the largest Balearic Island fits into every category on a holiday. Be it with families or with kids, this island offers something for everyone. Unlike Menorca, this island is better for families with elder kids or teens. The teens can take an introductory lesson in Port d’Alcudia resort, before paddle boarding in the calm waters of the sea. However, this is also a great spot to swim, snorkel and jump off the rocks into the safe sea waters on Cheap Majorca Holidays with families . And also, one can discover the different shapes and sizes of stalactites and stalagmites of Atra Caves. With rope lines and thrilling swings, the teens love the K3 climbing frame at Katmandu theme Park.

The Best Time to Visit Majorca

Majorca enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot sunny weather from July till Mid September. Hence, this is a great time to hit the beaches to tan up the skin and indulge in water sports with elder children. However, one can have great times in June and early October also. But, the winters between December and February is wonderful to enjoy leisurely walks and hikes. And also, it is a great time to spend with locals on the island.

Formentera – Family Activities to Indulge

Formentera might not be the most idyllic destination for families, but this smallest Island of Balearic won’t disappoint those who hop-on to this island on family holidays. This island can offer a handsome number of places and activities to entertain the elders and kids in the families alike. However, there is no airport on this island and one has to take a 30-minute ferry ride from its buzzing sister Ibiza. The spectacular beaches of Formentera offer wonderful water activities for the children on Formentera Family Holidays. And also, there are amazing biking and cycling routes to explore the interiors of this beautiful island. Above all, this is a great place to rent child-friendly accommodations in the villas with the services of an in-house chef.

The Best Time to Visit Formentera

Formentera enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. With 22 °C /30 °C average temperatures, the hottest month is July and coolest is January with average lows and highs between 7 °C/16 °C. June to October is the best time for the beach bums to enjoy the average 23 °C warm sea waters.

Ibiza – the Boisterous Party Island of Balearic

Definitely, Ibiza is a buzzing party destination on the Balearic Islands holidays. Hence, the families have to be careful to keep the kids away from the hustle and bustle of the clubbers.  Located on the southeast coast of Ibiza, Santa Eulalia resort is a wonderful place for the families. This is a great place to hit with the families on Ibiza, to enjoy the peaceful walks alongside the beach. And also, the laid back vibes and family-friendly restaurants make Ibiza Family Holidays more comfortable.

The Best Time to Visit Ibiza

The best time to visit this party island depends on individual choices. Late May to early October is the perfect time to have fun with parties, windsurfing and fly boarding. And April-October is the best time to have delicious dishes in the restaurants. However, the families can enjoy the cheaper rates during the low season from November to April.

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