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Why Iceland Holidays are Unique on Earth?

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Knock the routine holiday stuff away and venture out for otherworldly experiences by picking our wide range of deals on the wonderful and unique holiday destination, Iceland. Known as the land of fire and ice, Iceland is a Nordic island nation in Europe with a dramatic and diverse landscape. Shaped by volcanoes, geyser fields, hot springs, and lava fields, this nation offers a unique combination of attractions on a holiday. Go on Iceland Holidays to touch the two continents and experience the magic of nature unfolding in front of you. More than that, get smitten by aurora lights and hide in an ice cave. This can happen only in Iceland. And also, relax on the black beaches and walk behind the waterfalls. This is also ubiquitous to this Nordic nation.

Furthermore, the midnight sun to grace and unique museums to embrace, Iceland gives an otherworldly experience of a holiday. Above all, touch the other dimension of life with a swim in the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa or enjoy a night with a hike under the midnight sun on a gorgeous glacier.

Iceland Sunrise and Sunset

As this island nation is close to the North Pole, it experiences an irregular pattern of sunrises and sunsets. Much of the summers have long hours of sunshine and sometimes in June, the sun keeps the moon and the dark away even in the midnight. However, the twilight s are exceptional to experience on Holidays to Iceland.  Since November, the days start to get shorter with long hours of nights. The days last only for about 4 to 5 hours from November to January. However, the days start becoming longer with each passing day in February.  Above all, one should visit Iceland in winters for a unique experience in life and also to spot the serene and gorgeous Aurora lights.

Unique Things to Do only on Iceland Holidays

Snorkel between the Continents

Visit the UNESCO designated Pingvellir National Park for an eternal experience on Cheap Holidays to Iceland. This site has got geographical significance as the American and Eurasian tectonic plates are seen above the Earth’s surface.  And also, this park houses Pingvallavatn Lake, which is the largest in this country.  Here, one can splash into the lake to snorkel and touch the two continental plates. In fact, the waters are so clear that one can view 100 meters deep into the lake. And also the water is so clean that the visitors can enjoy a few gulps while having amazing times between the tectonic plates.  

Visit the Blue Ice Cave

This island nation is also a land of glaciers and visiting the blue ice caves is one of the most adventurous things to do on Winter Holidays to Iceland. These spectacular ice caves are formed with the melting of ice in the glacial rivers. Moreover, the shining blue light from the top when walking inside the cave offers a fairy tale experience. Above all, this wonderful experience is only possible in winter. Most of the operators wait till November to start these cave tours. However, there are many man-made caves in Langjokull glacier to visit even in summers. These caves which are dug hundreds of meters deep have become more popular these days in Iceland.

The Gorgeous Aurora Lights

The famous Aurora Lights or the Northern Lights go into the bucket list of every traveler who visits this ice-cold nation. In fact, these northern lights take place all through the year. But, it should be dark enough to get smitten by these gorgeous lights. Hence, winter is the best time to spot these lights and experience the magical creativity of nature. Above all, it needs clear skies to spot them and the notorious weather of this nation might make it difficult to find. However, one should be optimistic to get the blissful experience on Family Holidays to Iceland.

Get behind the Waterfalls

There are also many waterfalls in the country that rise from the volcano fields. And also, this country is also a great place to spot the spellbinding forms of basalt columns.  Adorning the beauty, the waterfalls are surrounded by these wonderful basalt columns. Get wet to go behind the waterfalls and enjoy the sights and sounds of water falling in front of you. Most importantly, capture the postcard-perfect pictures to take back home.  Indeed, these clicks might bring more Instagram likes to amuse you on a holiday.

Try the Dog Sledding

Dog sledding can be one of the unique things to experience in Iceland. One can indulge in this activity either in summers or in winters and also either on the dry areas or on the snowfields. But the snowy ride gives immense pleasure with the friendly and furry dogs. Most of them can be either from Greenland or from Alaska or even from Siberia. Especially, maintain the balance and enjoy the wonderful views while the furry energetic friends whisk off through the beautiful landscapes. Above all, one can in fact sled cross a glacier if the weather permits on All Inclusive Holidays to Iceland.

Midnight Sun Activities

From late May to early August, the sun hovers on Iceland even during the middle of the nights. And, this period preserves some unique activities to do only in this country.  With extra gait and smaller, the horse riding gives quirky experiences in the night and that too under the sun. And also, try playing golf all through the night. In fact, there are many golf courses that operate 24×7 in Iceland. Above all, swim in the thermal springs at midnight enjoying the most intriguing twilight on the earth. There are about 18 swimming pools in Reykjavík region and also a geothermal beach at Nautholsvik in the same region. Splash in these water bodies and keep yourself warm under the sun at midnight.

Strange Facts about Iceland

There are several strange, quirky and funny facts to know that are unique to Iceland. The people of this cold country love to eat ice cream even more in winters. Until 1989, the beer was illegal and also it is a country of bookworms. Interestingly, the babies in Iceland are left outside to nap even under freezy temperatures. Especially, the tourists should remember that they should not expect activities in the woods, as there is no forest in this nation. Founded in 930, the Parliament of Iceland is one of the oldest in the world. And also, the language remained unchanged for a thousand years. Hence, one can read the oldest of the texts also comfortably. Finally, with volcanic eruptions taking place every few years, one can watch them from a safer distance on Low Cost Holidays to Iceland.

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